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   Lino Geretto, managing director


Lino Geretto has more than 25 years experience in business development and engineering management. With most of those years spent in Asia, Lino is well placed to assist in expanding your business here. He has worked extensively in studying, acquiring and starting-up infrastructure projects, and has successfully managed the logistical aspects of scores of projects. Much of his work has involved analysing and negotiating contractual claims and litigation, while he has also managed various regional offices. He has worked for some of Italy's largest and best-regarded engineering firms, including Ansaldo Energia SpA, Astaldi SpA, Lodigiani SpA and Impregilo SpA, as well as Thailand's Christiani & Nielsen Co., Ltd.

   Felice Maffei, director


Felice Maffei possesses 40 years of international experience in the construction and engineering field . He has worked for a number of highly respected players in the international engineering field, including Sadelmi Cogepi (Italy), Soimi (Italy), b e b ingg. (Italy), EBRD (London), San Marco (Thailand) . His role within these organizations involved a wide range of projects ranging from consultancy and management in : Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Libya, Syria to reconstruction work in countries devastated by civil war : Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) and Lebanon .He brings to the team the understanding of how best to accomplish projects within a given criteria.

   Jarin Saksirisilp, director


Jarin Saksirisilp brings with him an extensive knowledge in the fields of finance and investment banking, having worked over 15 years with financial institutions. His professional training and career in corporate lending and portfolio management provided him with the excellent opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the operation and business models of a broad spectrum of diversified industries. He was also actively involved in the establishment and management of retail financing for various consumer products. These unique experiences have been instrumental in his outstanding accomplishments as financial and project consultant and will undoubtedly be a valuable contributing factor to the team.

   Sarayuth Kauphanichanon, director


Sarayuth Kauphanichanon possesses an expertise developed through over ten years involvement in the Thai finance and banking industries. His experience in dealing with debt-restructuring and credit management has provided him with an outstanding opportunity to develop the depth of this understanding with regard to the operating procedures of a broad range of industries across Thailand. He brings to the team this depth of knowledge and his exceptional problem solving ability.